Waterfall Strophe 1 In these last days the rains will come Early and late the streams will run Down to the sea on to distant shores The love of God will flow once more Strophe 2 I read it in my father’s book Now everyday I run, I run to take a look Is this the...

We Fall Down

We Fall Down Strophe 1 [D]We fall down, we [A]lay our [Bm]crowns, At the [G]feet of [A]Jesus; The [D]greatness of Your [A]mercy and [Bm]love, At the [G]feet of [A]Jesus. Strophe 2 [D/F#]And we cry, « [Gmaj7]Holy, [D/F#]Holy, [Em]Holy, » [D/F#]And we cry,...

We Bow Down

We Bow Down Strophe 1 You are [C]Lord of cre[F]ation and [G]Lord of my [C]life, Lord of the land and the [G]sea; You were [C]Lord of the [F]heavens be[G]fore there was [Am]time, And [F]Lord of all [G]Lords You will [C]be. Refrain We bow [C]down[F] and we [G]worship...

We are Hungry CZ

We are Hungry CZ Strophe 1 Lord I want more of You Living water rain down on me Lord I need more of You Living breath of life come fill me up Pane, chci více Tebe Živá Vodo, zaplav mě Pane, potřebuju více Tebe Dechu Života, přijď a naplň mě Refrain We are hungry We...

We Three Kings

We Three Kings Strophe 1 [Em]We three kings of [B7]Orient [Em]are [Em]Bearing gifts we [B7]traverse a[Em]far; [Em]Field and [D]fountain, [G]moor and [G/B]mountain [Am]Following [Em/B]yon[B7]der [Em]star. Refrain [D7]Oooooohhhhhh, [G]Star of wonder [C]star of [G]night...

We Want To See Jesus Lifted High

We Want To See Jesus Lifted High Refrain 1 [G]I want to see, [D]I want to see, [Em]I want to see [C]Jesus [D]lifted [G]high! [G]I want to see, [D]I want to see, [Em]I want to see [C]Jesus [D]lifted [G]high! Strophe 1 [G]I want to see [D]Jesus lifted [Em]high, A banner...

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