Kyrie Eleison

Kyrie Eleison Strophe 1 Écoute-nous, dans ta grâce! Seigneur, nous venons vers toi, nous entrons dans la présence de Dieu à genoux. Strophe 1 Écoute-nous, nous sommes tombés, nous sommes loin de tes sentiers. Ton amour nous a trouvés quand nous étions perdus. Ô...

Tu es saint/Kadosh

Elisheva Shomron Kadosh, kadosh, kadosh. Tu es saint, tu es le Dieu trois fois saint. Adonaï, Élohim, Tsevaot. (× 2) Asher haya, vehové, veyavo. Celui qui est, qui était et qui vient. © 1995 Elisheva Shomron / Traduction Corinne Lafitte 25/12/15 JEM603 ASA217...

Keep On Praying

Keep On Praying Strophe 1 Keep on praying Keep on praying Keep on praying Strophe 2 When we’re in trouble, when there are cares When faith is shaken up, when we despair We call on Jesus, give him our thanks We let his peace and joy, come to our hearts….. we’re...

Kung Foo Fighting

Kung Foo Fighting Instrumental Oh [D]whoa… Oh [Em]whoa… (3x) Refrain Everybody was [D]kung-fu fighting, (Huh!) Those kicks were [Em]fast as lighting; In fact it was a [D]little bit frightening, (Yeah, yeah!) But they fought with [Em]expert timing. Strophe...

King Of Kings

King Of Kings Strophe [Em]King of kings, and Lord of Lords, [B7]Glory, hal[Em]lelujah! (2x) [Em]Jesus, Prince of Peace, [B7]Glory, hal[Em]lelujah! (2x)   – Video Demo – A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Trouvez les paroles de...

King Of Glory

Results for "majesty" Strophe 1 Who [D]is this King of Glory[A] that pur[G]sues me with His love, And [D]haunts me with each hearing[A] of His [G]softly spoken words? My [G]conscience a reminder of for[Bm]giveness that I need, Who [A]is this King of...

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